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We are devoted to uncovering the behavioural and brain mechanisms that allow humans to communicate with one another out in the real-world.

Our theoretical foundation is that language is inseparable from the multiple sensory cues and on-going cognitive processes that accompany communication in ecological, mostly social and face-to face, settings. After all, language evolved, develops, and is processed in such rich multimodal settings and therefore understanding the cognitive and biological foundations of language must take this context into account. This foundation shapes our approach to research, but also to education, enterprise and our international collaborations.

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Language as a multi-model phenomenon

This theme issue of the Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society is our manifesto

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Hiring NOW: Research Associate to work on the ERC Ecological Language Project to develop computational models of multimodal communication. Extended Deadline 31/12/2017

The ERC ECOLOGICAL LANGUAGE Project will start in January 2018! Watch this space