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IfMC researchers engage with the business community and other potential beneficiaries of our research beyond the academic community

Daniel has given talks and workshops to businesses who are interested in understanding how social science research can change their practice, from charity organisations such as Just Giving to large manufacturers such as Unilever.  He has been consulted by several advertising and marketing agencies on how to employ the tools of social psychology in innovative campaigns. He also advises TV production companies on how to portray and explain social science research, from understanding how concepts of the elderly change how we interact with them, to using experimental techniques to track when a stand-up comic has offended his audience.

Jeremy’s EPSRC award, “New pathways to hearing: A multisensory noise reducing and palate based sensory substitution device for speech perception” is supported by project partner Wicab Inc. who market an electrotactile stimulator for the blind. He consults for several marketing and media agencies on using brain imaging metrics as implicit measures for predicting media success.